About our customer reviews

First of all, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the customers who have left us reviews and shared their experiences with our products.

Our products are over ten years old, but it’s thanks to your feedback that we’ve improved them, and continue to improve them, so that they’re as close as possible to the needs of individual customers.

You’ve helped us stay competitive and grow.

Avis clients

Legislation concerning customer reviews is constantly evolving, and we’re working hard to find ways of complying with it.

From summer 2022 to autumn 2023, we have partnered with plus-que-pro to certify our reviews. You can click on our rating below to see our verified reviews for this period.

Unfortunately, our customers were rating our company, not a product. In addition, it was not possible to display reviews on our product pages.

We are currently working on implementing certified customer reviews for our products, under the supervision of an external entity.
We are therefore in the midst of a transition on this important subject.