Solar automatic chicken coop doors
All our automatic doors are designed and manufactured in France, in the Jura.
Current delivery time: 1 to 3 working days
Emplacement anticrocpoule
Poulailler anti poux rouge et sa porte automatique solaire

Smoby hen house, automatic solar door adapted
    Large plastic hen house made in France by Smoby
  Automatic and solar closing kit for Smoby hen houses.

  Sturdy, spacious and ergonomic coop. Easy to clean.
  The optional Chicken groom automatic door is solar-powered without disposable batteries.
  Triggered by brightness.
  Both products are Made in Jura - France.

Coquette sur fond noir

The Coquette
Automatic door for henhouse, compact and rot-proof.
From 199€ including shipping*.

With its opening on the side, it fits on almost all chicken houses.
Without batteries, it detects the luminosity to function in any season.

NEW: Available in large size for geese, ducks and large-breed hens.

Porte guillotine pour poulailler

The Terceira
Automatic door for solar henhouse, complete
From 186€ including shipping*.

Economical version, robust and easy to clean, our best seller.
The PVC door is guided in two aluminum profiles.

Jurassienne fond noir

La Jurassienne
Closing module for solar henhouse, without door.
From 159€ including shipping*.

If you already have a guillotine door on your chicken coop, this is the most economical solution to automate it.
Like all our versions, the closure module is solar-powered, waterproof and guaranteed for at least 2 years.

Accessoires et pièces détachées

Accessories and spare parts

In this category you will find spare braid, batteries, solar cells and other accessories.

And also the settlement of the after-sales service out of warranty, for former customers.

Video : Automatic solar door for poultry house La Coquette

About Us

EURL TOULET is a French company created in 2006. So many years in which we have worked to bring satisfaction to our customers, first thanks to our printed circuits, then a little later with our automatic chicken coop doors. Our buyer-first approach has enabled us to sell more than 5,200 automatic chicken coop closers!

We are members and we apply the “MADE IN JURA – FRANCE” charter since the summer of 2019.


Poulet de bresse AOC

The manufacturing workshop for automatic solar doors for anticrocpoule chicken coops is located in Courlaoux (39570) in Bresse Jura. Domain of the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée of the famous Bresse chicken in the colors Blue White Red.

Anti-crocpoule showroom

Come and visit our brand new showroom at 160, Chemin des Vernes 39570 Courlaoux. Near Lons le Saunier. premises

Latest improvements on our automatic chicken coop doors:
Possibility to set the opening and closing time according to sunrise and sunset times.
LIPO battery (same technology as in smartphones).

All hardware is now stainless steel.
No heavy or dangerous metals in the assemblies.
A new, more efficient touch key.
An even more resistant braid (resists more than 68kg).
A new printed circuit even less energy-intensive (resists 2 months without sun).
The battery recharges even when the solar cell is in the shade!
Motor torque control for added safety.

Thank you to all our customers!

Today, April 28, 2022, we have delivered our ten thousandth order in almost 16 years of existence!

In order to survive, we had to change our business from printed circuit boards for electronics to automatic chicken doors, including automotive housings and ratings cards.

The company continues to innovate and implement new projects. Sometimes it is a success, sometimes a failure, but we persevere.

We have been fortunate to always have nice and understanding customers.

So, I write it again: Thank you all.