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  • Replacement braid 68kg - 5m with 5 beads

    Replacement white braid 5m 68kg + 5 beads for automatic chicken coop closure

    5,30 Incl VAT
  • Piton M4 x 20mm with 6mm eye + 2 nuts and 2 stainless steel washers to offset the chicken coop module.

    2,90 Incl VAT
  • 1200mah, 3.7V LIPO battery

    3.7V 1200mAh (1.2Ah) LIPO battery for automatic chicken coop door

    13,90 Incl VAT
  • Spring for mini door-closer

    Extension springs Stainless steel, 47.6mm x 7mm for mini door-closer

    4,90 Incl VAT
  • contractual photo

    Remote solar cell 10m

    24,00 Incl VAT
  • Sale! Solar closure module for chicken coop with mini door-closer

    Chicken coop automatic closing kit with mini door-closer for traditional door

    148,00 Incl VAT
  • Sale! Poultry house automatic closing module

    Solar chicken coop automatic closing module. Module alone without door or door-closer.

    136,00 Incl VAT
  • Closing module with mini door-closer and remote solar cell

    Automatic chicken coop doorman with mini door-closerand remote solar cell

    166,00169,00 Incl VAT
  • Remote solar cell of the automatic solar hen house

    Automatic closing module for poultry house. Module only, remote solar cell

    154,00157,00 Incl VAT
  • No used product at the moment

  • 5m extension for 3m offset solar cells

    12,00 Incl VAT
  • wooden chicken coop solar door

    Automatic chicken coop solar door with wooden frame

    198,00 Incl VAT