La Coquette, automatic henhouse door. Solar.

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Battery-free rot-proof compact door with light detection.

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Without disposable batteries, this automatic door for chicken coop is made of compact laminate, a very dense, rigid and rot-proof material. The closing module detects the brightness and locks your hens in 15 minutes after sunset regardless of the season (adjustable time delay). In the morning, the door opens automatically after an adjustable delay (15 minutes by default). The coquette is delivered assembled and adjusted, you just have to put 8 screws (supplied). The door panel is resistant to high pressure cleaners, cleaning products, frost and high temperatures (from -25 to +50°c).

New printed circuit board, the automatic door recharges even in the shade, no need for direct sunlight, no need to be in the south.


Dimensions of the La Coquette automatic chicken house door:

Opening dimensions approx. 22 x 35 cm (width x height), so a little larger than the classic La Terceira door.
Dimensions: 30 x 48.5 cm (width x height).
Opening to be made in the henhouse: 23 x 36 cm approximately (if it is a little bigger or a little smaller, it is not disturbing).

La Coquette automatic closing system:

The door panel is machined on a CNC milling machine at our Courlaoux facility in the Jura region. The closing module is assembled by hand, for the most part by disabled personnel. We comply with the Made in Jura charter. Its original opening system allows this automatic chicken coop door to be the most compact, the one that takes up the least amount of space on the market and can therefore be adapted to the vast majority of chicken coops. As with all our solar automatic poultry doors, it is guaranteed for 2 years. 5 year warranty as an option.

Latest updates from La Coquette:

We have worked hard to reduce the consumption of the product (the printed circuit is designed by us). It consumes so little that even if the solar cell is not very big, even very badly oriented and in the shade, the solar automatic door manages to recharge itself (Consumption at rest 0,00003 W). We therefore no longer offer a remote solar cell for this product.

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