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La Jurassienne: Automatic closing module for poultry houses with remote solar cell

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This automatic closing module for the La Jurassienne henhouse automatically closes the door of your henhouse at night and opens it in the morning.
Adaptable on traditional doors such as hinged doors as well as on guillotine type doors weighing less than 750grs.
Equipped with a solar cell to recharge the included LIPO battery. The solar cell is offset by 2m.

Operating principle of the automatic closing module for La Jurassienne hen houses:

In the morning, when the brightness is sufficient, a gear motor releases the braid so that the door opens.
In the evening, the gearmotor lowers the braid until the door is closed and held on its stop.
Opening hours can be adjusted .

Module size:

The module is 13cm wide, 9cm high (with the coil) and 5cm thick.

Technological choices of the anticropoule:

This automatic chicken coop closing module was designed and manufactured by us in France in the Jura.
Robust and waterproof recyclable ABS case (IP 54).
Solar cell and high capacity battery to allow total autonomy.
Brightness detection for automatic adjustment of the opening and closing time according to the actual sunrise and sunset time.
Geared motor with all of its sprockets in hardened steel for a very long life.
Braid with a resistance of 68kg.

A touch button allows you to start a test cycle (closing and opening) and to adjust the length of the braid (depending on the size of your door).
The advantage of a tactile key is to allow a perfect seal, unlike a switch.
The braid coil is outside the case so as not to let in any humidity.

Supplied with a 12-page color user manual, stainless steel screws to fix the case and spare braid.

Optional on our site: piton screws to deport the module in case of lack of space.


The parts and labor warranty is 2 years. The availability of spare parts is 10 years.
As an option at the top of the page, an extended warranty is possible.
Buy your chicken coop closing module without fear because as with any online sale, you have a fifteen-day right of withdrawal.

– The printed circuit:

The circuit board of the automatic closing module for chicken coop


The solar cell must be in the sun from time to time: requires at least 30 hours of direct sunlight every two months to recharge its battery. This corresponds to an average of 30 minutes of sunshine per day. (not facing due North, nor just behind a tree or a house that hides the sun all day). Autonomy in bad weather is about 45 days.

New circuit board, new features:

Possibility of delaying opening in the morning until 3 hours after sunrise. Useful if, for example, you have a noisy rooster that you don’t want to release too soon.
We can adjust the closing time in the evening according to the sunset time. Useful if your solar cell is due East or due West.
You can change the type of operation: go from a door with hinges on the side and a mini door-closer to a guillotine type door. You can therefore keep the same automatic closing module while changing doors or chicken coops.
Use of a LIPO battery (as in Smartphones) much more reliable and durable than the rechargeable batteries used so far.
Continuous measurement of the motor torque to detect obstacles and if the door is at the end of its travel.
An ON/OFF button allows you to deactivate the module, for example when you have chicks that are too small to go out.
The use of more modern components has made it possible to further reduce the consumption of the module. In addition, it requires less brightness to start charging than previous versions.

This product meets the Made in Jura – France charter

Download the user manual in pdf (12 color pages – 0.6 MB)

Help video to adjust the braid length according to the size of the door:

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 11 cm
Remote solar cell, cable length

10m, 3m

2 reviews for La Jurassienne: Automatic closing module for poultry houses with remote solar cell

  1. sandrinenini

    Nous avons notre anti-croc poule depuis 3 ans et en sommes vraiment très contents. C’est tellement pratique ! Même si on rentre tard, nos poules à l’abri et on peut faire des grasses matinées sachant nos poulettes libérées aux premiers rayons de soleil ! Matériel de qualité, fonctionnel et fiable. Entreprise très sérieuse. Nous avons récemment fait appel au SAV de Toulet suite à une attaque de rongeur sur un câble : SAV très compétent et efficace, ne force pas à la vente et met tout en œuvre pour réparer l’appareil. Nous sommes plus que satisfaits par le matériel et le SAV et recommandons vivement cette société jurassienne. Nous n’avons qu’un seul mot : EXCELLENT !!! ACHETER ABSOLUMENT CHEZ TOULET !!!

  2. laurentsalvan

    Excellent matériel, installation facile car tout est fournit .
    Matériel fiable, pérenne et bien pensé.
    Rien à redire, de la commande à la livraison…

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