Large plastic henhouse with automatic solar door. Made in Jura.

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Large, easy-to-clean plastic coop. helps combat parasites such as red lice. With its 4 doors and great height, it’s comfortable to use and allows hens to protect themselves from both heat and rain underneath.

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Shipped in three parcels, two for the henhouse direct from the Smoby factory, and the automatic door by anticrocpoule, within 3 to 5 working days.

The Grand Poulailler plastique made in France by Smoby is an exceptional solution for hen owners looking to provide a spacious and safe environment for their poultry. With its self-closing module and ease of cleaning, it’s easy to look after your chickens. Hen house dimensions: 121 cm x 108 cm x 128 cm (Width x Depth excluding ladder x Height) One of the house’s outstanding features is its ease of cleaning, making it a real barrier to parasites such as red lice. Its intelligent design and four large doors enable you to maintain a clean environment for your hens, reducing the risk of health problems linked to unsanitary conditions. As the henhouse is elevated, eggs are easily accessible. But above all, the hens can go underneath to protect themselves from the sun as well as the rain. You can also place the feeder under the henhouse, sheltered from the rain. Last but not least, the fact that it is elevated means that the floor is better insulated and the doors can be opened in the event of snow. In short, the MIJ hen house from Smoby is an ideal choice for hen owners who want to provide their animals with a place to live and play. spacious, easy to clean for red lice controlThe Chicken Groom automatic closing module is included in the package. It’s a complete solution for keeping your chickens happy and healthy. Note: this is the beige Smoby henhouse. Also available with green doors. Since we were involved in its design, we can sell both colors. If you prefer the version with green doors, tell us when you place your order and we’ll deliver it in green.

The Large Plastic Anti-Red Lice Hen House is made in France, in the Jura region, and includes :

– A large perch big enough for 5 hens. – A large nesting box that’s easy to dismantle and clean. – Four large doors provide access from both sides for easy cleaning. – A rainwater harvesting system that provides your chickens with water for three days every time it rains. – A dummy egg to encourage your animals to lay eggs in the right place. – An educational booklet to help new hen owners and children. The Chicken groom automatic closing module, also made in the Jura region, includes: – The closing module, assembled, tested and adjusted. – The mini bellboy with its stainless steel spring. – Screws, instructions and a spare braid. Both items comply with the Made in Jura charter.


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