Large automatic door for geese, ducks and large breed hens

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Automatic door for large chicken houses for geese, ducks and large-breed hens.

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🦆 S uitable for Large animals. This solar-powered automatic henhouse door can accommodate your geese and ducks and large-breed hens.

↕️ Opening dimensions: approx. 35 x 41 cm (width x height). Dimensions: 43 x 55 cm (width x height). Opening to be made in the henhouse: 36 x 42 cm.

🪧 Ultra-resistant, this La Coquette XL automatic henhouse door is made of 8mm Dibond: two layers of aluminum and a polyethylene core. It’s extremely rigid. Our smaller doors are 6mm thick. The solar automatic door can easily withstand high-pressure cleaners, cleaning products and extreme temperatures (from -25 to +50°c).

💪🏼 More powerful: Wind resistance is greater on this larger model. We’ve replaced the opening spring with a much more powerful model, all in stainless steel. We have also increased the torque of the geared motor.
👩‍💻 Specific program: Ducks and geese need to get used to going to bed. So, at the end of the day, pressing the test button closes the door when you’ve brought your animals inside. The door will open automatically the next morning.
☀️ Solar Powered: Our automatic chicken coop door is powered by solar energy. It recharges during the day, even if the solar cell is in the shade. No disposable batteries to replace, never a breakdown due to lack of power. 🌙 Detects brightness: your pets adapt to sunrise and sunset times, this door too. It opens in the morning after sunrise, with an adjustable time delay from 15 minutes to 3 hours, and closes in the evening after sunset, with an adjustable time delay from 5 to 40 minutes.

🛠️ Installation is easy: You can install our solar automatic door with ease, as we deliver it already assembled and adjusted, and all you have to do is fit 10 screws (supplied). 🇫🇷 It’s a socially responsible purchase: We manufacture this automatic henhouse door in France, in the Jura region. A large part of the assembly work is carried out by disabled personnel in a sheltered workshop in Dole(ETP Synergie) and at the ESAT in Lons le Saunier.

🧰Two-year warranty, five-year option. And, of course, you have a two-week right of withdrawal.

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