La Terceira – Automatic door solar henhouse aluminum and PVC

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This automatic chicken coop door closes after dark, opens at sunrise. Just a few screws to fit! Brightness-controlled: no tedious seasonal adjustments.

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This La Terceira automatic henhouse door closes after dark and opens at dawn. All it takes is a few screws! How the automatic henhouse door works: In the morning, when there’s enough light, a gearmotor winds up the braid so that the door rises and releases the hens. In the evening, after dark, the gear motor automatically releases the braid until the chicken coop door is closed. A LIPO battery stores the energy of the sun for an autonomy of 2 months without sun. It is possible to adjust the time of opening and closing of the chicken coop automatic door. For example, if you have a noisy rooster, you can release it up to 3 hours after sunrise. Our new circuit consumes very, very little power, which allows the closing module to recharge sufficiently even in the shade, without direct sunlight.

Package contents: Factory-programmed anti-crash module (LIPO battery included). Two lowercase h-shaped aluminum profiles drilled and chamfered for the 6 fixing screws. The door panel 5 mm thick. The screws required for assembly. The manual for your automatic chicken coop door (12 color pages).

Dimensions of the chicken coop automatic door:

Dimensions of the opening 21 x 32 cm approximately (width x height)
Rail length: 66 cm
Dimensions: approx. 28 x 72 cm (width x height) Size of cut-out to be made in henhouse: approx. 22 cm wide and 33 cm high Size of closing module, 13x9x5 cm box (length x height including coil x depth).

Technological choices:

This solar door for chicken coop was designed and is manufactured by us in France in the Jura. Aluminum profile door guides. Rigid and insulating panel 5mm thick in plastic allowing perfect resistance to UV and humidity. Robust and waterproof recyclable ABS case for a longer lifespan (IP 54) . Light detection to adapt the closing and opening time to sunrise and sunset. Geared motor with hardened steel pinions for a very long life. Braided cord with a resistance of 68kg. Possibility of delaying the opening as well as the closing of your automatic chicken coop door. A touch key is used to make adjustments and to start a test cycle. The advantage of a tactile key is the perfect seal, unlike a switch. An ON/OFF button allows you to deactivate the module, for example when you have chicks that are too small to go out. The aluminum braid coil is outside the case so as not to allow moisture to enter. Solar cell and high capacity LIPO battery (like in a Smartphone) for total autonomy. A cable gland to guarantee the tightness and screws to put it in place.

Origin of the name “La Terceira“:

Terceira in Portuguese means third. This door is the third to have been invented, and is also made up of three parts: the closing module, the aluminum tracks and the door panel. I lived for 2 years on Terceira, an island in the Azores archipelago, the third largest in the world, right in the middle of the Atlantic. Giving this name to a product is for me a way to remind how welcoming the Portuguese are and how beautiful this island is.

This automatic henhouse door complies with the Made in Jura – France charter.
Download instructions in pdf (12 color pages – 0.6 Mo)
Help video to adjust the braid length according to the door size:

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