Chicken Groom Automatic closing for Smoby chicken house

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Solar, without disposable batteries. This kit allows you to automate the door of your Cot Cot Cottage or MIJ henhouse from Smoby. Programmed and adjusted in our workshops, it is quick and easy to install. Thanks to its light detection system, it always opens and closes your henhouse at the right time whatever the season. The closing module detects the light and locks your chickens in 15 minutes after sunset. In the morning, the door opens automatically after a 15-minute delay.

New printed circuit board. The included lipo battery recharges even in the shade, so there’s no need for direct sunlight or southern exposure.

This product was designed in partnership with the company Smoby who trusts us. Our company dates back to 2006 and we have been manufacturing automatic chicken coop doors since 2015. We have acquired a good know-how, our products are reliable. We are Made in Jura, we work with local companies and disabled workers.

Items included with the Chicken Groom:

The Anticrocpoule closing module, adjusted, with the bracket supporting the braid. The spring allowing the opening and its two supports. A plug to neutralize the door lock. The necessary screws and bolts for the assembly and a spare braid (life span of the braid: 3 to 5 years). A full-color instruction manual. Link to download the instructions for use.

Chicken Groom Limitations:

This automatic door means you don’t have to open the door in the morning and close it at night. You will still need to visit your animals every day. Check for water, food and collect eggs. In the winter, when it is freezing, you should visit your animals at least twice a day. A chicken needs water in liquid form.

Phy do we recommend the Smoby chicken coop?

Smoby, designer and manufacturer of toys from the Jura region, is the undisputed leader in outdoor playhouses for children. They have extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of outdoor plastic parts and are at the forefront of technology on UV protection of plastic. We like this chicken house because the team that designed it has been able to ask for advice and listen to dozens of breeders, professionals and individuals, to optimize the product. As professionals of the sector, we were consulted and our remarks and advice were taken into account. This henhouse represents for Smoby more than two years of study, and required more than 500 000 € of molds, in addition to the study costs.

We love the fact that the coop is elevated. This reduces the humidity in the henhouse and, more importantly, gives the hens a place under the henhouse to protect themselves from both sun and rain. It also provides a dry place to put seeds. The Cot Cot Cottage is very large, easy to clean thanks to its 4 doors and we like its design. Finally, it is much less expensive than equivalent competing products, and has been designed and manufactured entirely in the Jura region. Link to the Cot Cot Cottage from Smoby.

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