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Terceira XL with remote solar cell

203,00206,00 Incl VAT

This automatic hatch can be mounted in the chicken coop. Thanks to its remote solar cell, it will work with brightness and automatic day and night detection.

It is ideal for homemade chicken coops.


Your automatic chicken coop door, automatically closes your chicken coop after dark and opens it at sunrise.
Assembled in the Jura, your large automatic chicken coop hatch has been designed to maximize its resistance to nighttime intrusions.

Requirements for your Terceira XL automatic solar hen house:

The solar cell of your automatic chicken coop door must be in the sun from time to time, it needs 30 minutes of sunshine per day in good weather.
It is the solar cell which is used to detect the luminosity, as the solar cell is deported, the automatic hatch can possibly work in the dark, inside the chicken coop.
If your automatic chicken coop door is placed on soft ground (earth), you may need to put a stopper at the bottom of the door, for example a small wooden slat (not supplied).

Principle of operation of the chicken coop automatic hatch:

Your chicken coop door works completely autonomously thanks to solar energy.
The solar cell is used to recharge the battery as well as to measure the luminosity in order to detect if it is daytime.
It is possible to shift the opening and closing time of the door, by default, it is 15 minutes after sunset and 15 minutes after sunrise.
A LIPO battery (same technology as in a smartphone) stores energy and restores it for 2 months of autonomy without sunlight.

Technological choices:

This automatic chicken coop door was designed and manufactured by us in France in the Jura.
Aluminum profile door guides.
Rigid and insulating panel 5mm thick in plastic allowing perfect resistance to UV and humidity.
Robust and waterproof recyclable ABS case for a longer lifespan (IP 54) .
Light detection to adapt the closing and opening time to sunrise and sunset.
Geared motor with hardened steel pinions for a very long life.
Braided cord with a resistance of 68kg.
Possibility to delay the opening as well as the closing.
A touch key is used to make adjustments and to start a test cycle.
The advantage of a tactile key is the perfect seal, unlike a switch.
An ON/OFF button allows you to deactivate the module, for example when you have chicks that are too small to go out.
The aluminum braid coil is outside the case so as not to allow moisture to enter.
Solar cell and high capacity LIPO battery (like in a Smartphone) for total autonomy.
A cable gland to guarantee the tightness and screws to put it in place.
Remote solar cell of the automatic solar hen house

This remote solar cell allows the automatic chicken coop door to be used permanently in the shade


Dimensions of the chicken coop automatic hatch:

Opening dimensions 26 x 39 cm (width x height)
Rail length: 80 cm
Dimensions: 33 x 86 cm (width x height)
Dimension of the cutout to be made in the chicken coop: 27 cm wide and 40 cm high
Dimension of the gatekeeper, box of 13x9x5 cm (length x height coil included x depth).

Contents of the package:

A factory-programmed closing module (LIPO battery included).
Two drilled and chamfered aluminum slides
6 fixing screws.
The door 5 mm thick.
The 2m remote solar cell and its screws.
A 12-page color instruction manual with many photos.


This automatic chicken coop door meets the Made in Jura – France charter



Download the user manual in pdf (12 color pages – 0.6 MB)

Help video to adjust the braid length according to the size of the door:

Weight 2600 g
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 10 cm
Remote solar cell, cable length

3m, 10m


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